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"When I’m out on a long run, the only thing that matters is finishing the run. For once, my brain isn’t going bleh-bleh-bleh all the time. Everything quiets down, and the only thing going on is pure flow. It’s just me and the movement and the motion. That’s what I love—just being a barbarian, running through woods."

— Jenn Shelton

(Source: anotherfreckle, via kickin-asphalt)


Commute no longer getting in the way.

I am too scared to ride the carbon ‘beast’ to work. One because it looks a little too expensive to be left alone and the other because I think I’ll look silly. When the weather picks up a little I am sure to blend in with the flash weekend bikes that will come out of the woodwork, but until then it’s staying in the flat and taken out after work to claim some QOMs. 

Now I don’t have the 20 minutes each way to use as an excuse for a workout I am getting much better sessions in.  I managed to hit the gym for spinning, or the suffer-fest as it should be called.  The instructor, a guy called John looked suspiciously like a rugby player but had no problem causing nausea inducing leg burn. He also sang along to all the songs on his playlist. Cute or annoying? I’ll leave that with you.


Hill Advice for Wimbleball

- Change your bike computer to KPH it feels faster

- Find those hills and make mincemeat of them, find that place in your head that won’t let you walk, the place where you store all that unused adrenaline.

- One session per week on the bike repeatedly hill climbing, if you can find one hill that takes 5 minutes to climb and you can get to the top without walking the first time then use that hill to train on. repeat climb, relax down, until you can’t complete the climb without walking.

- When climbing a hill don’t stop pushing the minute you hit the top, push over the top until gravity takes over then you can relax a little.

- Stay in the saddle all the time you can, change down as you need to keeping your cadence between 70 and 90, don’t change right down too early and don’t just try to thump it out.

- Only get out the saddle for the short steep hills where you can put in a sprint effort to top the hill fast.

- Do the same for your run training, but don’t do a hill bike session within two days of a hill run session.

Remember: Everest was tall until Hillary climbed it and now more people go to the top each year than go to Tescos. You will be victorious.


— 220 triathlon