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How To Dress PRO | CyclingTips

This is hilarious and terrifying in equal measure. 


I put my toe through the front of my shoe today, well not quite ‘through’, but enough to convince myself I needed a pair of SIDIs.

I went with silver. I couldn’t get my head around the roadie rules of white/flouro/black and what is/isn’t ‘pro’. So went with ones that match my bike. Mwah ha ha!!


Sprint training is trying to kill me. My balance is all off and going out to smash workouts every time is massively unsustainable. I need to get some strength and resilience back in my body, which means long, controlled 80% efforts. And I can’t wait! Off-road winter marathon maybe?

Double trouble

Tuesday I headed to the pool to get in a workout. Frustrated that I hurt my hamstring on Monday night thrashing around in the rain I was adamant to put in good effort. Only to hurt my shoulder within 200m. Go karting has obviously done more damage than bruises and I’ll need to go steady for a week or so. Now all I can do is cycle and ice myself alternately.