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8 weeks to go

Another terrible week of missed workouts and work commitments. Not great. I swing between blind panic and “who the fuck cares get out there and smash it”. I need to watch more kick-ass movies and get in the mood for my last 7 weeks to go. Each workout has to count and that they all have a purpose, so the few I do make a difference.  The beginning of last week I saw on my garmin I was at nearly 5 TE which I presume is overdoing it. So things aren’t all bad. A good rest and I am back out there. I rode 50 miles yesterday with my dad, took it steady and tried out some nutrition. I ended up getting ill towards the end, but felt like I had a breakthrough when I could feel me pushing hard but my heart rate not rising. More fuel!

The Beast was great as usual and I grabbed myself some more PBs round Richmond Park. I swapped out my cassette recently to something a little more hill friendly but haven’t had it adjusted. So it’s a bit rattly, but I needed to ride it so I put up with it. Must have it tweaked this week.