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Double trouble

Tuesday I headed to the pool to get in a workout. Frustrated that I hurt my hamstring on Monday night thrashing around in the rain I was adamant to put in good effort. Only to hurt my shoulder within 200m. Go karting has obviously done more damage than bruises and I’ll need to go steady for a week or so. Now all I can do is cycle and ice myself alternately.

Sunday jog

I have my weeks to myself at the moment with the boy off at work in the week. I should be using this time to train hard without any distractions but I am struggling to get motivated. 

That being said I consistently head out for a 4 miler after he leaves on Sunday evening. It’s my favourite time to run, just as the sun goes down when it’s cool and there’re far fewer tourists around. The lap around Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park is almost a perfect 4 mile lap and I can do it almost all on the little trails. I am pretty obsessed at the moment with running off the tarmac and even considering doing an off-road marathon. I enjoy the concentration of having to watch where I put my feet. Weird.


"Give me success or its constant pursuit, and I’ll choose the pursuit."

Ride London - Surrey 100

For many people the ride 100 was a bit of a let down after last year. I had heard that the route was lined with people cheering all the way from Dorking. This time round all you could hear was the whimpering sobs from my fellow cyclists in the weather. The rain went from miserable to biblical and caused the organisers to cut the route short to 86 miles, missing out Box hill. I had to cycle the 12 miles to the start so it was still a big mileage day but it was still disappointing not to be able to do the full 100 or Box hill. The most I had done up till that point was 65 miles and my hands were in real pain afterwards and so I was a little apprehensive. I took it easy and tried to enjoy the day as much as possible and finished feeling great. I cycled almost the whole thing on my own and in the future I think it would be good to get some experience in a chain gang. Hopefully that will get my times down too.